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The City Chic Story
How did we become the leading, high end, international, plus size fashion retailer? We’re glad you asked...

Who Are We

We speak a lot about being Bold, Sexy Glam, Chic...
But Who is city chic?
We are bold
We are sexy
We are glam
We are chic
We are confident
we are curvy
We are fashionable
We are fun
We are inspiring
We are fierce

We are... City Chic.

"Sometimes you just need to create what you want to be a part of"

City Chic is about living life to its fullest, taking chances. We create an atmosphere that is "bold, confident and inspiring", whilst taking risks and pushing the boundaries to be fun, fashionable and fearless. Forget the everyday norm; it’s time to empower women across the globe to embrace who they are with our bold, sexy, glam and chic style With City Chic, there’s no abiding by the ‘rules’ of fashion only the rules of "fit". It is in everything we do; from our quintessential shopping experience to our design collection with a unique to chic fit, fabric and print mix.

In our own words "A girl should be 2 things… Confidently Curvy with a Passion for Fashion"

With the acquisition of "City Chic" in 2006 it was time for a new direction to a fashion forward "City Chic". Too long had we heard a curvy girl's story of a passion for fashion and nowhere to shop the hottest trends. It was time to kick start a revolution….It was time for confidently curvy girls to unite their passion for fashion. With that City Chic grew from 6 to over 100 stores across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and America, becoming the leading global plus size fashion, denim, dress and lingerie retailer with a unique to chic fit, fabric and print mix.



"City Chic is a place where anyone, no matter what they look like or what size they are can feel confident and beautiful, a place where you can be you, A home!"
A Curvy Girl, 21

"City Chic has given me fashion options I never thought possible, giving me the confidence to experiment and have fun with my own style and feel GREAT!"
A Curvy Girl, 30

"City Chic is a place where I feel safe and comfortable. A place where I can find an outfit that I feel sexy and confident in. It’s a safe place where I can be myself."
A Curvy Girl, 23

"The first time I shopped with City Chic I though City Chic was ‘wow’- ‘OMG’."
A Curvy Girl, 27

"The very first time I shopped at City Chic I was 17 and I was looking for a dress for my 18th birthday and formal. I was struggling to find anything because I was “too big” for other clothes shops. I would go out looking with my friends who were all a size 10-12 and they would find dress after dress. I was upset and felt HUGE! Then I discovered City Chic at Knox where I found the perfect dress. I felt welcomed and comfortable in the shop and there was stuff that actually fit me! I was really self-conscious when I was younger and City Chic helped make me the confident girl I am today." A Curvy Girl, 17

"I was having trouble finding jeans that fit. The team member got me to try on the zip me skinnies. I’d never been confident enough to wear them but she made me feel really comfortable and I have loved skinny jeans ever since."
A Curvy Girl, 38

"I fell in love with City Chic when I first went into the store and tried to squeeze into an XL like I normally do in the other stores, only to find the dress fell off me and I had to go down 3 sizes."
A Curvy Girl, 31

"After hearing my sister come back from Melbourne talking so excitably about “City Chic” that mum booked us a trip over just so we could go for a shopping spree together to somewhere we could feel good about ourselves."
A Curvy Girl, 19

"It was so great to be able find formal garments that the fit and cut was so flattering and catered for a full bust. I was getting so depressed trying to find suitable clothing prior to finding City Chic . So thank you for making me feel good about myself."
A Curvy Girl, 18

"Shopping with mum for a dress to wear to my cousins wedding. I looked everywhere in so many stores and came across City Chic. The store girls were amazing and picked a few dresses that I wouldn't have normally gone for. I found an amazing dress and walked out smiling. I loved the experience so much that went home looked up the website and applied for a job."
A Curvy Girl, 16

"I was on holidays at the Gold Coast with my husband and took lots of spending money but by the end of our trip I was exceptionally sad and feeling low, as nothing I had tried on in the shops fit me. On our last day I discovered City Chic! The team member was amazing, I was completely overwhelmed as I cried with happiness. City Chic made me feel so comfortable and I looked fabulous. This is a memory that will always stick with me."
A Curvy Girl, 33

"I was out at dinner and there was a lady on the table next to me that looked fabulous I absolutely loved her dress and had to know where she got it. She said City Chic, and the next day I was there and have loved City Chic every day since."
A Curvy Girl, 33

City Chic means confidence, powerful beauty, independent style and trying new things.


Unique to Chic


Bold, Sexy, Glam & Chic